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  • Wuxi Minghao automotive parts co.,ltd. is located in China Jiangsu Wuxi new district which is specialized in auto parts research and development, production and export of modern high-tech enterprise, also it specialized in auto tooling and checking fixture development, manufacturing and exporting, especially large progressive die, transfer die and mechanical transfer fingure tooling. Covering parts including the corresponding parts production: body stampings chassis stamping parts and automobile surface protective coating paint galvanized parts product assembly parts, etc.,and at the same time professional supporting Europe North America and high-end automobile industry both at home and abroad customers, provide quality products and professional services.
  • We have professional r&d team, professional project management team, professional quality control team, together with professional production debugging personnel, high-precision machining equipment, high level of automation production line and production tooling. We have applied for and registered 20 patents.
  • As a designer and manufacturer for advanced auto parts, we are engaged in development, anufacture and export high quality large progressive tooling, mechanical transmission transfer fingure tooling, including mould riveting, mould tapping and metal stamping parts, which will help the global customers and partners to get succeed.
  • Wuxi Minghao automotive parts co.,ltd. was established in April 2012, the total area is 6400 square meters, and this integrated manufacturing enterprise is professional engaged in tooling, check fixture, production. Products are mainly exported to Europe, North America, Asia, South America and other regions.
  • We have passed the ISO9001:2008 and TS16949:2009 quality system certification, in pursuit of refinement, zero defect products as the goal, to ensure the stability of the tooling and products. Through unceasingly experience of exploration and the accumulation in the stamping industry, we set up a unique system of stamping technology, and firmly in the continuous improvement of internal perform, we are very willing to share the fruits of continuous improvement with our customers and partners, so that we can make oursleves in numerous stamping industry is different from the rest.
  • Our wuxi Minghao attaches importance to our social responsibility, abide by the laws and regulations of China and customers, actively contribute to local economic prosperity and sustainable development.


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MingHao basic information

  • Company Name: China Wuxi Minghao Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd. Abbreviation: China Wuxi Minghao
  • Add: No.4 Plant at No.268 Deyu Road,Photoelectric Park Area,Hongshan Street,Wuxi New District,Jiangsu,China
  • Zip Code: 214115
  • Domain: www.,

The personnel contact information

  • Contact Person: Mr Nian
  • Tel: phone_hr
  • E-mail: e_hr
  • Mobile: mobile_hr

Business contact information

  • Contact Person: Mr Zhu
  • Tel: phone_business
  • Fax: fax
  • E-mail: e_business
  • Mobile: mobile_business

Visit traffic information

  • Bus: (1) 107 to get to machining photoelectric park Station Road, go straight through intersections, and then go straight about 150 meters to the crossroads, then turn left about 50 meters, into the first courtyard gate ; (2) 751 road to Jinhong road station, walk back crossing the street, turn right at traffic light, go straight about 200 meters, after a traffic light intersection (KFC), go straight about 500 meters, turn right at traffic lights , then go straight about 150 meters to the crossroads, about 50 meters, then turn left into the first courtyard gate.
  • Drive: G42 shanghai-nanjing high-speed turn S19 tongxi high-speed, zhangjiagang direction, exported from wuxi new district/xinhong road, immediately turn left, go straight until you reach the end and then turn left, then go straight to traffic lights intersection, then go straight about 150 meters to the intersection (color signpost on the left front ), then make a left turn, into the first courtyard gate.
  • Navigation:MingHao or honxin road or intersection between xixie road and hongshan road
  • Detailed maps and other information, please click access: Map & Location


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Core Values

  • Safety
  • Focus on details
  • Objective
  • Cost
  • Updating
Enterprise Philosophy

  • Responsibility: Loyal to the mission, diligence is the core of our obedience faithfulness and value orientation. Effective management, focus on details, continuous improvement is the basic duty of Minghao and solemn commitment for each employee. We remember the responsibilities, adhere to the most stringent ethical standards and manufacturing standards, to comply with various laws and regulations, and honest, hard-working, practical working.
  • Resultant Force: Based on the general situation, effective collaboration is the key to our sustainable development company. We advocate team work spirit, encourage more closely with each department, help all employees work together, to ensure that the company work efficiently, to achieve the established objectives.
  • Professional: Adhere to the good professional spirit and professional ethics is the cornerstone of our success. We uphold the steady of business philosophy , prudent, responsible, with the rigorous attitude to manage each project. We pursue excellence, the pursuit of excellence, to the highest standards of professional spirit into all aspects of business and management.
  • Enterprising: Learning and progress, the pursuit of excellence is a driving force of the company’s success and development. We strive to build a learning-oriented enterprises, encourage every employee actively learn new knowledge and best practices, continuously improve oneselves.
Minghao Slogan and Three Questions

  • Minghao Slogan: Tomorrow you will be more proud
  • Minghao Three Questions: What will I do in Minghao ? What kind of person I want to do? How about today’s job?
Company Honor

  • On November 19, 2012, Minghao was to be the 20th anniversary of the establishment of centralized signing a major project in wuxi new district, and become the representative of the advanced manufacturing with the other 24 world top 500 enterprises.
  • Minghao got recognition for global companies in Europe and North America famous auto parts system.
  • Minghao shortlisted for SGM list, become the supplier for SGM high-end prog die, transfer die body parts, chassis parts, stamping parts.
  • Minghao become DAIMLER and BMW, VOLVO high-end tooling and fixture supplier.
  • December 18, 2013, Minghao won the Shanghai General Motors Supplier Award for outstanding management with quality and development in tooling.
Minghao LOGO Interpretation

  • From “明” and “豪” in Chinese pinyin (MING HAO) capitalize the first letter H and M.
  • First of all, employees–person; company — the platform, like two pillars minghao_logo_jiedu1, together, become minghao_logo_jiedu2, namely capital H. A symbol of the employee and the company, the person and platform, must be together, to rise from the ground and standing all the time.
  • Second, add the words at the top of the two pillar minghao_logo_jiedu1 VICTORY (Victory, Success) to capitalize the first letter of V minghao_logo_jiedu3, became minghao_logo_jiedu4, namely capital M. A symbol of the employee and the company, people and platform, as long as to become one unity, twist into a rope and pulled together, at last can overcome the insufficient ,overcome difficulties, and win the success.
  • Finally, minghao_logo_jiedu2 and minghao_logo_jiedu4 overlap together to be a minghao_logo_jiedu5. Also a symbol of the bridge and the link, we determined to learn, practice and international leading level, becomes a bridge between the Chinese and foreign economic and cultural exchange between east and west.
Enterprise Vision

  • Personal pursuit into the long-term development of Minghao, the development of Minghao into the ever-growing staff.
  • With the national purpose, promote the made in China to created in China.


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  • Die locksmith (male, 20 people) : 1. The auto stamping die fitter (large continuous mode or covering parts) r above 3 years of working experience; 2. Can bear hardships and be a good team player 3. Good performance on solving problems and making plan. 4. Good personality; 5. Age :From 20 to 40 years old, good health.
  • Mould maintainer (5 people): 1. Service for punching die independently ( both single die and progressive die); 2. Familiar with daily maintenance and repairing;3. Five years related working experience.
  • Die locksmith trainee (male, 10 people): 1. Technical secondary school degree or above; 2. Have a great enthusiasm and interest to the mold industry, to study hard and can bear hardships and stand hard work; 3. Graduates can also be used.
  • Stamping workers (male, 5 people): 1. Handling press machine and adjusting dies independently. 2. Quality control, self checking ability and can use normal measuring tools. 3. Three years of working experience or above. 4. Hard working and be a good team player.
  • Stamping assistant (male, 2 people): 1.18-40 years old, junior high school degree or above, mechanical major is preferred; 2. Can adapt to the working environment, be hard working and able to bear the hardship. Have strong operational ability; 3. Temporary worker is also accepted.
  • Drilling workers (male, 2 people) : 1. The drilling operation more than one year, can skilled operate drilling machine, automotive stamping mold factory working experience is preferred; 2. Can be proficient in reading, can accurately understand the drawings of the size tolerance, and according to the graph processing; 3. Accustomed to work in two shifts; 4. Work conscientiously careful, can strive for perfection, has the good team cooperation spirit and collective sense of honor; 5. Operation Z3050 radial drilling machine, running on two shifts.
  • CNC operating crew (male, 2 people): 1. More than two years relevant working experience; 2. Clear image recognition ability, and have done auto stamping die processing; 3. Health and can adapt shift work; 4. Obey the management and have the ability to learn; 5. Age 20 to 35 years of age, education or and above.
  • Mechanic (male, 2 people) : 1. Technical secondary school degree or above, mechanical and electrical professional; 2. 2 to 5 years of relevant working experience; 3. Be familiar with mechanical (punching machine, CNC), electric (PLC, the factory power supply).


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